Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Serving Up {Tacos}: Easy Fish Tacos

I tend to order fish tacos frequently when I eat out, because I really like them but seldom take the time to make the "real thing" at home.  What I do make frequently at home, and is a great alternative, are these quick and easy cheater fish tacos.  Because they use fish sticks, they come together really quick and are a perfect meal when you need something tasty but not time consuming.

At our house I set out all the toppings and everyone makes their own.  My daughter usually rolls hers up in a tortilla drenched in ketchup.  Gourmet I know!  My son is a bit closer to my heart because he will actually throw some shredded lettuce/cabbage in there and then he adds salsa and cheese.  My own taco begins with the coleslaw-shredded cabbage, fish sticks, a generous squeeze of fresh lime, pico de gallo and then a squirt of ranch dressing.  I will take two thank you!

One Year Ago: S'more S'morgasbord

6-inch corn tortillas
frozen fish sticks
shredded lettuce or cabbage
pico de gallo
sour cream or ranch dressing
avocado (optional)

If you are even still reading this please comment and tell me why!  Really, a recipe?  These are simple!
Heat up those fish sticks.  While they are baking, warm your tortillas on the stove.
Fill the tortillas with fish sticks and any other delicious topping you so choose - please get creative and don't limit yourself to my list above.

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