Hi, I'm Katherine.  I'm a wife of 14 years to a remarkable husband and a (mostly) stay-at-home mom to my four young children.  It's the life I've always wanted.  Life is busy most days but despite the hectic pace, I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking for my family.  The joke at our home is that food is my love language, which is probably true!

Three years ago our family relocated from sunny Las Vegas to (less sunny) Portland, Oregon.  Before I left I had a dear friend ask me for my recipes.  She didn't have any recipes specifically in mind, but just wanted a piece of me in the form of my recipes.  What a compliment!  It took me a while but I finally put together a small recipe collection for her.  In doing so I realized that I have collected so many recipes from so many resources and was in need of a way to consolidate all my many recipes.  

So that is how my food blog was born.

For me the recipes I share are as much about the memories associated with them as the food itself.  I hope you can capture that spirit and create your own memories around delicious food served to those you love.  Remember, nothing makes a recipe complete until it is served it up with a hearty dose of {LOVE}.

Thanks for stopping by.