Friday, September 23, 2011

Serving Up {Love}: Guest Post

In the blogging world there are a lot of "guest post" out there.  I am excited today that my very own father is guest posting for me.  In truth, he only provided the photo but it gave me a welcomed smile this morning and I am passing it along.

I knew that September would be hectic and that I would have to find a new routine to keep up my posts.  It turns out that knowing something isn't the same as doing it.  September has not only been busy, it's been full of surprises and I don't like surprises.  They keep me from my safe routine.  In this case, they have kept me from posting anything in a while.  I hope to play catch up this weekend and maybe even post a few weeks ahead.  Regardless, I promise there will be new recipes up next week - I have the photos, I just need to sit down and sort them.

In the meantime, enjoy this delectable meal - breakfast all the way from the beautiful Wind Rivers!

Basically, it's simple.  When it comes to food and my dad the recipe reads like this...

Thanks dad!  Love you!

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